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India and Israel have maintained a strategic relationship since 1992. We vouch to promote bilateral trade between India and Israel and bring the two nations closer by developing ‘people-to-people contact. Both countries are on the cusp of new business developments and ideological breakthroughs, and hence are ideal partners for each other.

India has moved from being primarily an agrarian nation to the world’s fifth-largest economy. Media and Entertainment, Tourism, IT, Manufacturing, Textile, and Healthcare are the top-performing industries among various verticals. On the other hand, Israel is a powerhouse of Technology, Cyber-Security, Drip Irrigation Farming and Startups. The FIICC will act as an instrument to connect you to opportunities in Israel and on the home front.


The FIICC makes available employment opportunities with its Israeli counterparts to its members in India. We scan through the business opportunities, conduct in-depth interviews, and hire the right people for the job. Right from the assessment to the agreement, we help the right employer meet the right employee. Our end-to-end services simplify the recruitment process and provide ease of operations in either country.

Market Entry

The FIICC is the market entry portal for business expansion in Israel and India. We provide back-end support to propel your business with the right tools, be it market research, business planning, customer acquisition, local area services, or sales and distribution network. The FIICC is a strategic partner that helps make inroads in new and established Indian and Israeli markets.

Cyber Security

At the center of an $82 billion industry, Israel is a superpower when it comes to Cybersecurity. The growth has been exponential, considering the meteoric rise of the digital era. Israel is one of the few countries that face constant cyber attacks on its government sites and data systems, and they have managed to thwart them successfully. They are also helping nations like Singapore create their cyber-security startups.

The FIICC can connect you to a plethora of leading Israeli human capital and resources for their cybersecurity expertise. Additionally, Israel is the first country to offer a PhD in Cyber Security with six research centres dedicated to the cause.

The Indian Cybersecurity Industry has seen a massive shift in recent times, mainly due to debit card thefts. India did away with obsolete methods and ramped up its security measures on priority. As a result, this 950 million dollars industry is estimated to grow at a higher rate as organizations will continue to invest in specialized technologies. The banking and financial services industry (BFSI), information technology (IT) and information technology-enabled services (ITeS), and government sectors alone will constitute 68% of the Indian cyber market share.

The FIICC reckons the demand for a skilled workforce and will help connect to the right sources in the required industries.

Drip Irrigation and Farming

Drip irrigation farming has been a boon for Israel’s arid climate. It was first thought of and developed by Simcha Bass, the director of government water institutions in the 1930s. Since then, drip irrigation systems have evolved to ensure equal droplets of water in an irrigation line, thereby minimizing water wastage. Presently, Israel has a thriving agri-tech industry.

India has a flourishing agricultural industry. Rural areas have stepped into the 21st century and are slowly moving away from dated farming tools and methods. The digital India movement has introduced technology and policies to help farmers make better choices for maximizing their output. However, dependence on rainfall continues to plague farmers, to date.

The FIICC believes that collaboration with Israeli agri-tech resources and data analytics will fill the development and technological gaps in Indian agriculture. Drip Irrigation Farming and Hydroponic Systems are the need of the hour. There has to be a paradigm shift from hard work to smart work and pioneering technologies of water and labour management pave the way forward.


Israel is called the Startup Nation because it has the largest number of startups per capita in the world, with approximately one startup per 1,400 people. The world has taken notice, and global companies are making a beeline to be a part of this culture of innovation. Many innovators and founders attribute it to the conscription for Israeli citizens that teaches them to improvise and think up innovative solutions.

The rise of the startup culture in India was gradual. The recession of 2008 forced global businesses to take a back seat, and the layoffs were large in numbers, especially in the IT sector. The fear of an unsure tomorrow pushed young Indians to break away from the comfort of a salaried lifestyle. India is the second-largest startup ecosystem globally. Factors like low overheads and a close customer-vendor service radius have significantly contributed. Also, a nation on the cusp of a digital revolution with an enormous internet user base made for a win-win.

The FIICC believes that India and Israel can have strategic partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. Together, we can look for solutions to global challenges across business verticals.

Events, Media & Entertainment

The Indian Film industry is the largest globally in terms of content produced in various languages. The events, entertainment and media industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades and has put India on the global map as a world leader. Rising consumer demand and improved advertising revenue backed by FDI continue to be a boon for the economy.

The Israeli experience blends talent, style and culture in an inimitable way. Music and performance arts are a big draw in the flourishing Events and Entertainment industry.

FIICC will bring these two stalwart nations together to create authentic blends of crossover experiences. The opportunities are ample when it comes to the Events and Entertainment industry, an avenue that we are keen to explore holistically.